Searchblox elastic search

Hi Team,

We are using searchblox for crawling Liferay and Alfresco. We want to use Searchblox underlying elastic search for searching and indexing. As per Searchblox documentation, it uses elastic Open distro.
(we are referring “” as source information)
Liferay supports the elastic search for search engine and comes with embedded elastic search and can be configured with the separate elastic search setup as well
Can you please let us know if we can use searchblox’s elastic search as search engine tool in Liferay(CMS).

Hi Yogesh,

The elasticsearch that comes with SearchBlox download is preconfigured for SearchBlox and is setup for specific mappings, fields, security, search, reporting and indices etc. You can configure an external elasticsearch with Liferay or Alfresco but using the builtin SearchBlox elasticsearch endpoint will cause issues. You can download and use elasticsearch directly for use.